Designed to Calm & Reassure

We designed our facility to be respectful and accommodating of the clients we help. In times of heightened emotion, it’s important that the environment you’re experiencing treatment in provides calm, focus and security.

Our space encourages clients and their families to fully engage in and embrace treatment and meets the needs of every stage of recovery programming we provide. Whether one-on-one or group therapy, our space naturally encourages an open and receptive mind for all who enter.

North Carolina’s Cleanest, Greenest and Largest City

Whether you’re a North Carolina native or your recovery journey has carried you to this great state, we’re certain you’ll find it to be a welcome and powerful place for change in your life.

Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and home to a large and welcoming recovery community. Routinely named “Tree City USA” by the national Arbor Day Foundation, you’ll quickly understand why the design of our facility mirrors the calming effects of our natural surroundings.

Our industry experience has allowed us to develop professional partnerships with the best recovery homes in Charlotte. We’ll help you find the right place to call home during your recovery experience at The Blanchard Institute if you need it.

We’re proud to partner with Safety Net Recovery to provide structured, supportive sober living.