Progressive Treatment,
Time-Honored Professionalism

Addiction and mental illness look different today. They have new, familiar faces, and The Blanchard Institute was founded because we believe that treatment should look different, too.

The Blanchard Institute’s approach focuses on a milieu of therapeutic and evidence-based modalities that give each individual the essential tools to manage the medical diagnosis of chemical dependence and what are often the co-occurring diagnoses that either pre-exist or emerge along side addiction. There is no other source in Charlotte that includes placing a primary focus on family education, providing effective modalities such as EMDR, yoga, mindfulness practices, acupuncture, other co-occurring issues in a safe and therapeutic setting.

Our Vision:

The Blanchard Institute is the premiere treatment provider offering a unique, family focused, comprehensive, and individualized program for chemical dependence.

Our Promise:

The Blanchard Institute is excellence focused, clinically focused, safety and trauma focused, family focused to clients who meet the clinical and medical criteria for services. At all times all clients will be treated ethically, fairly and honestly without bias to race, gender or diagnosis.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use, please call 704.414.7227 or fill out the form below.