About DWI Assessments

The Blanchard Institute provides DWI assessments and, when recommended or required, additional substance use education or ongoing treatment for clients who receive a charge for driving while impaired. Both our Charlotte and Lake Norman treatment facilities are licensed by NC DHHS DWI Services to provide reviews for in state and out-of-state DWI offenses. Please call The Blanchard Institute today at 704-288-1097 to schedule an assessment.

Who Is The DWI Assessment Program For?

If you or a loved one are charged with or convicted of a DWI in-state or out-of-state, The Blanchard Institute is here for you. Our team helps you satisfy the North Carolina DMV requirements, and makes the process easy for both the client and their family. We can also provide additional education around substance use disorders and ongoing substance use treatment based on individual client’s mandates as a part of North Carolina Statutes.

Clients who have been assessed by other facilities can elect to receive their ongoing care with The Blanchard Institute with proof of their assessment.

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What To Expect

Once you schedule a DWI assessment, the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles required E508 process begins. These assessments are valid for six months. Failure to comply with the 6-month timeline mandated by the North Carolina DMV will result in the client having to pay an additional $100.00 to generate another assessment. The Blanchard Institute is now offering in-person and virtual assessments at both of our addiction treatment facilities, South Charlotte and Lake Norman, NC.

The client will need to provide the following documents at time of assessment:

  • Proof of Blood/Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC)
  • Citation (if available)
  • Current, Lifetime NC MVR
  • $100.00 Fee
    • This fee must be prepaid to secure the appointment and is non-refundable. If you need to reschedule an appointment for any reason, it can only be changed once, and with at least 24 hours notice.

The Blanchard team will obtain and/or provide the following:

  • Signed Release of Information Consent
  • Completed and Scored State Approved Standardized Test
  • E508 Assessment Form (submitted within 2 weeks for each offense)
  • Clinical Interview (signed and dated by the licensed assessing clinician)
  • Assessment Recommendation
  • Service Agreement (if client chooses to receive ongoing care with The Blanchard Institute)

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles generally will not reinstate the client’s driving privileges until this proof of completion of the evaluation and treatment program is provided.

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