Feel the Vibe. Recovery Awareness Day 2024
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Mika Rhodes office administrator

Mika Rhodes


Mika has lived in Fort Mill, SC for over 15 years. She was born in Ohio and before moving to the Carolinas, she spent years soaking up the sun in Los Angeles, CA.

Beginning each day in prayer and devotion, Mika’s innate nature steers toward advocacy and peacemaker. As a single parent to an amazing autistic son, she knows the difference one interaction can make in a person’s day in their lives. As the Office Administrator and first point of contact, her goal is to remain grounded and be that safe landing place as our clients take those brave first steps toward a new way of living/being.

With an associate in business and two additional years of working toward her bachelor’s in psychology, Mika is excited to be part of the Blanchard Institute family and honored to continue her professional journey and personal mission to see others be their most powerful, resourceful, whole, and complete selves.

In her spare time, you can find Mika reading, watching a movie, exercising, being of service, or laughing with family and friends.

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