The following list contains answers to our prospective client’s most frequently asked questions, ‘What To Expect’ on your first days of treatment and ways to prepare.

If there are any questions that we have not answered here, or if you have any questions of your own, please contact us and we will do our best to give you an answer as soon as possible!

What typically happens on the first day of treatment?2020-09-18T15:27:56-04:00
  • Clients will be oriented to facility and complete admission forms.
  • Vitals and Urine Drug Screens are obtained.
  • They will participate in program services based on the level of care recommended. 
  • Appointment with Medical Director is scheduled.
Can I bring my cell phone, vape, chewing tobacco or cigarettes?2020-09-18T15:28:22-04:00

There are designated gender specific smoking areas adjacent to the facility.  Clients are allowed to use tobacco/nicotine products during breaks only.

Should I pack food for myself like breakfast and lunch?2020-09-18T15:28:41-04:00

Clients attending treatment sessions are encouraged to bring lunch or make arrangements to go offsite to area eateries.

What should I bring to my first day assessment?2020-09-18T15:29:21-04:00

Clients are asked to bring a photo ID, Insurance card if they have one and payment for services unless otherwise instructed when they schedule their appointment.

Should I come in early on my first day for my assessment?2020-09-18T15:29:43-04:00

Client are not required to be early for their appointment.  They are encouraged to be on time.

How do I get to the facility? Should I drive myself or should I be driven by a loved one?2020-09-18T15:30:01-04:00

Clients scheduled for an assessment can transport themselves, use a service or have a family member bring them for their appointment  It is recommended that you have someone bring you if you have been using a mood altering substance. Most of our clients attend their first day with a support person. We are not responsible for transportation.

What happens when I call?2020-09-18T15:11:51-04:00

One of our admission staff will do a pre-screen assessment.  This will include asking questions about your background, verifying benefits, and scheduling a comprehensive assessment.

What is the length of the program?2019-11-20T03:44:36-05:00

The length of a client’s stay depends on their specific needs, but on average:

Day Treatment Program: 5 days per week and a total of 20 sessions over the course of 2 weeks.

Intensive Outpatient Programs: 3 days a week for approximately 10 weeks. A total of about 30 sessions.

Outpatient Programs: 2 90 Minute sessions per week for up to 2 months. 

Recovery Management: 1 days per week for up to one year.

Can I continue to work while I attend treatment?2020-09-18T15:26:04-04:00

The Blanchard Institute is an outpatient facility, but a client’s ability to continue working during treatment varies according to the program they’re enrolled in. Day Treatment, or PHP, requires clients to be at our facility throughout the day.

However, our IOP, Outpatient Program, and Recovery Management program often include professionals that continue to work while attending treatment sessions.

Who can attend the Family Program?2022-04-08T21:33:04-04:00

The Family Program is open to all family members and loved ones. It’s also available to anyone who has been affected by substance abuse disorders, mental illness, and/or other unhealthy behavior patterns. 

For more information, please refer to our Events Page.

When can I reach out to someone to schedule my admission and assessment?2020-09-18T14:58:05-04:00

Admissions can be reached 24/7.  All inquiries are answered in a timely manner including after hours, weekends and holidays.

Are there any other costs involved?2019-11-08T23:23:50-05:00

We have an initial assessment fee that is billed at the time of the  first appointment and a small weekly program fee that is collected each Monday. The weekly fee is used to reduce your outstanding balance and mitigate a large bill at the end of the program.

Are there financial aid possibilities?2019-11-08T23:23:34-05:00

Blanchard has a needs-based financial assistance program that is managed by a third party verification company. Contact our billing coordinator for more information.

How much does the program cost?2019-11-08T23:24:20-05:00

The Blanchard Institute offers several levels of care and pricing structures. Your level of care is determined during the assessment process. Total charges are based on the services received, length of stay, and insurance reimbursement. Many insurance plans provide coverage for your treatment, but the type and amount depend on your specific plan. Our financial staff is available to answer any questions you might have.

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