Alumni Program

The Blanchard Institute’s Alumni Program gives clients the support and other resources they need for long-term recovery. It’s a great way to meet other clients, have sober fun, and create memories in sobriety. No matter what you might be going through, your fellow alumni are here to help.

Consisting of an active group of clients who support each other, our Alumni Program organizes activities and opportunities to give back to the community. Here at The Blanchard Institute, we believe that our Alumni Program helps foster life-long connections, support, fellowship, and service. We value our alumni community greatly and are eager to help this wonderful program grow.

Our Alumni Program is one of the reasons that The Blanchard Institute is the leading provider of substance use disorder treatment services in the Charlotte area. Our Alumni are self proclaimed Change Agents because they pass along a message of life, fun, and happiness and help to others to find the same joy that they have. Anyone can be an agent of change. Our alumni program is more than just another program, it’s a movement that says “hello to life.”

To learn more about our Alumni Program, please contact us online today.

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Benefits of Our Alumni Program

Our Alumni Program is a great way to build and maintain a positive peer support system. Here are some of the program’s many benefits: 

  • A strong support network of professionals and peers experienced in the recovery process
  • Organized events that show fun and satisfying recovery can be
  • The chance to share your experiences with others on similar paths
  • The opportunity to volunteer and help others who are struggling with addiction & mental health issues
  • Entry into a confidential online community of former clients
  • Ongoing access to an alumni coordinator and a buddy system for added support
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Continuing Support From People Who Understand

There is no recovery tool as powerful as one addicted person helping another. In addition to the benefits we listed above, The Blanchard Institute Alumni Program also gives clients access to just this kind of personalized support. Whether you’re receiving this support or giving it, your recovery experience will be greatly enriched by taking advantage of the following tools:

  • Continuing support through access to tele-aftercare services
  • Ongoing contact with our Alumni Coordinator 
  • Healthy interactions on our Alumni Peer Facebook Group

Taken together, these resources will keep you connected to a nurturing community and give you the support you need for long-term recovery. Our Alumni Program is an excellent way to continue the growth and development you worked so diligently to achieve while in our substance use disorder programs.

How Do I Join the Alumni Group?

Upon graduation from The Blanchard Institute, you will automatically become part of a confidential, active online community of former clients. Additionally, former clients always have access to an experienced alumni coordinator for aftercare support. We also have a buddy system in place where two former clients work to help one another through the inevitable difficulties of life during recovery. 

But officially joining the Blanchard Alumni Group is simple– all you have to do is ask. It’s an all-volunteer program that is open to all clients who are interested. Membership can be a great benefit to your future recovery, helping you to form positive relationships with people who understand your past experiences and share your personal goals. Our Alumni Program is just like everything else in recovery– the more you participate, the more you’ll get out of it. 

If you are interested in becoming part of our Alumni Program and the supportive community it provides, please contact our team at The Blanchard Institute today.

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