We specialize in Family Treatment.

Both substance use disorder and co-occurring disorder impact families and loved ones in a variety of overwhelming ways. The Blanchard Institute works to educate and support the entire family unit on the recovery journey to eliminate feelings of worry, concern and anxiety. We help families identify, understand and create a plan to eliminate enabling behaviors so that recovery and healing includes the client’s emotional and social support systems.

At The Blanchard Institute, we begin to explore how to heal and recover from the impact of substance use disorders, mental illness, trauma and codependency in life and in relationships.  Our goal is to guide you and your family in this process and develop a strong and healthy foundation for healing from the past.  We have developed a step by step guide that addresses how this can work, what to expect, frequently asked questions, and most importantly what your role will be during this journey.

Our family support programs encompass a variety of services, including:

  • Family Education & Awareness
  • Case Management
  • Aftercare Planning & Implementation
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Continuing Care & Counseling
  • Support Groups & Workshops

We Treat Substance Use Disorders.

Our team understands that those who walk through our door need guidance, stability and effective, evidence-based treatment. The Blanchard Institute has a comprehensive Masters Level and a fully Licensed clinical team to guide this process.

We Treat Co-Occurring Disorders.

When both substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders are present, effective treatment incorporates a layer of complexity that requires an experienced, highly trained clinical team committed to taking an integrated, tailored approach. The Blanchard Institute offers substance abuse disorder treatment as a primary diagnosis with or without co-occurring diagnosis. The determination of appropriateness for therapy outside of this is determined upon comprehensive assessment.

We Provide Individualized Treatment Plans.

Every client has a unique story, and the healing process is no different. The Blanchard Institute offers group and individual therapy, as well as holistic modalities that bring clients back to themselves in mind, body and spirit. In combination with our Masters Level, and fully licensed team, our therapeutic offerings help each individual find a custom path for recovery. The Blanchard Institute provides an empathetic and accepting atmosphere where individuals who suffer from substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders receive progressive treatment in a highly structured environment.

Our program is formed on the foundation of evidence-based practices blended with holistic and individual treatment planning unlike most substance abuse programs.

We understand that individuals are going to require different needs and treatment approaches depending on their substance use history and their overall circumstances.  We are confident we can create a path that ensures their journey into sobriety is comfortable, safe and rooted in a solid foundation of tools to use as they venture into early recovery.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use, please call 704.414.7227 or fill out the form below.