Outpatient Treatment in North Carolina

Our Outpatient Treatment Program provides continued recovery support for clients who are transitioning from higher levels of care. During Outpatient Treatment, clients participate in two 90 minute sessions two days a week and individualized auxiliary services that match the clients needs in addition to the group section along with individualized counseling. 

These sessions are based on the client’s individualized treatment plan and consist of group and individual therapies, case management, and family support. The goals of Outpatient Treatment are to help clients overcome the specific challenges they’ll face in early recovery and to sharpen the coping skills they learned during primary treatment.

 Upon leaving Outpatient Treatment, clients are prepared to strike a balance between their normal responsibilities and the continuous efforts required for a sustained and rewarding recovery.

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Outpatient Treatment For The Whole Person

Our Outpatient Treatment Program is designed to  treat the entire person, not just their addiction. We guide our clients through evidence-based methods that heal the mind, body, and spirit. We also use innovative techniques to help clients develop the life skills they need to advance in the recovery process. These life skills include stress management, maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships, and money management. 

Our Outpatient Program continues the therapeutic process that began during primary treatment and enhances the client’s ability to create a fulfilling and substance-free life for themselves. 

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Benefits of Our Outpatient Treatment in North Carolina

One of the main goals of outpatient treatment is to transition clients smoothly from the inpatient or partial hospitalization treatment setting back to the real-world challenges clients face in everyday life. After successfully completing our outpatient treatment, clients can start to apply the techniques they’ve learned in recovery to the complex problems they’re sure to encounter upon leaving our facility. 

The benefits of The Blanchard Institute’s Outpatient Program include: 

  • Improved stress and anxiety management
  • Continued recovery in a comfortable, familiar environment
  • The ability to receive first class treatment while continuing to fulfill daily life responsibilities
  • Additional support from friends, family, and loved ones
  • Real-world application of the skills necessary for long-term recovery
  • Increased resolve in the face of triggers and temptation
  • A structured support system that encourages continued recovery
  • Ongoing education and treatment to help maintain a healthy and sober life

We offer many outpatient treatment options at The Blanchard Institute, as well as addiction and mental health support services for families and loved ones affected by the disease.

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