There’s nothing as gratifying as hearing a former client’s success story. These stories do more than just show that our programs are helping people transform their lives—they inspire the entire recovery community with the hope that can be lost in the life of someone struggling with substance abuse.

The testimonials you’ll read below prove that recovery is possible. They’ll show that The Blanchard Institute has given many formerly suffering people a solution they simply couldn’t find anywhere else. While reading these testimonials, you’ll discover that these former clients now have the sense of belonging that eluded them for so many years.

In short, these stories draw us a map that can guide us from addiction’s pervasive despair to a life that’s more rewarding than we ever imagined. We hope you find them as affirming as we do.

“I attended the Family System Workshop on October 5, 6 and 7.  It was very educational providing current and relevant information on the disease of addiction.  All of the speakers and facilitators are dedicated professionals. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has a loved one or family member dealing with addiction.”


“Having worked professionally with the Blanchard Institute for years, I can say that they are a first class organization focused on providing the best care possible for their clients.  Ward and his team do an excellent job of setting their clients up for success in both recovery and life. I highly recommend them for any and all SUD needs.”


“The professionals at TBI are first class, they truly care. Thank you Stacey, Jessica, Sam, Ralph, Emily, Judy, Alley, Jessica, Megan, Jennifer and everyone there, including Grace and Corrie! Being honest, open and willing allowed me to utilize Blanchard’s services, instructions, and family program to enhance my own recovery program and begin the healing process I so needed. Addiction does not have a one stop cure, and TBI helps to explain that to the patient and the family.”


“After 10 years of trying to manage our daughters disease, we finally have hope and direction.  We were about to make the same mistakes all over again until we met with Ward Blanchard for a completely new approach to the disease and strategy for the future.  We were more than lucky that the family weekend was at the same time that our crisis occurred. I would strongly recommend this as a weekend you need to attend. Ward is a warrior and is passionate about the health of the entire family.”


“Outstanding professionalism and superb family guidance! This is a caring, committed resource that provides strength and guidance to families recovering from substance use disorders and mental illness issues. A TRUE dual-diagnosis facility!!!”


“I’ve had the honor of working with the Blanchard Institute to coordinate care for several clients and they are an amazing team of committed and passionate individuals.  I would highly recommend Ward and his team for any family struggling to get their loved one help.”


“The Blanchard Institute is an exceptional facility! Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend.”


Excellent facility! The staff is warm and welcomes you with open arms while maintaining a professionalism that exceeds expectations!  I highly recommend Blanchard.


“I have worked with Ward and The Blanchard Institute professionally for several years and referred several families for intervention and clinical services. Without fail these families have followed up with me expressing their gratitude for Ward and his team. I would recommend Ward and his team without hesitation for a family in need of support.”


“After working closely with this team for over a year, I am thoroughly impressed. With their patient centered approach, experienced staff, efficient operations and fantastic moral compass that they built around, it doesn’t get much better. This is exactly where I would send a loved one as they are in good hands.”


“TBI does excellent work and their staff is phenomenal. They provide a quick, professional, and helpful response to all needs. I have worked personally with Ward Blanchard, and was beyond impressed by his knowledge and assistance.”


“I highly recommend the family system workshop. It was absolutely wonderful!  The presentations were so informative and very well presented! It was also well organized and the Blanchard staff is so helpful!”


“I cant even begin to express all my gratitude for Ward and The Blanchard Institute. Ward was a saving grace to me in a true time of need. Ward is truly a man of his word, and the staff members are very well trained and experience.  So very thankful for their expert guidance and direction. The work they do with not only the suffering loved one, but the family as well is truly amazing. The workshops they provide for families really goes into depth about the disease and give so much knowledge and education to everyone directly involved. You feel very apart of this process and they have so much hope to give. I cant express this enough.”


“I cannot say enough good things about Ward Blanchard and The Blanchard Institute. Ward was an answer to prayer during a very tumultuous time in our family. I found him to be a man of his word and wise beyond his years. So very thankful for his expert guidance and direction. Everyone that I had contact with on his staff were well trained, as well as very personable and caring. Highly recommend their Family System Workshop weekends. They provide an abundance of information about the disease of addiction and how it affects the entire family system. You come away feeling validated and with much needed tools to help navigate the journey of recovery.


“For those searching for a true dual-diagnosis program that includes genuine individualized care and a powerful combination of evidence-based and holistic services, I would absolutely recommend treatment through The Blanchard Institute. All clients and their families receive full transparency from the staff and have an abundance of opportunities to learn and grow together as a family unit. There is a full team of support to help people through the journey of early recovery.


“I’ve learned so much from their family workshops. I appreciate the in-depth approach they take to educate us about the neurobiology of the disease, as well as the psycho-social aspects. Many treatment centers may treat the patient appropriately, but this program treats the entire family in a respectful, personal manner. The staff is knowledgable, genuine and really knows the patients and their families. As a result, the treatment is individualized, personal and highly effective for our family.


“For those considering treatment for substance abuse, mental illness, or both, don’t walk to The Blanchard Institute, RUN! It is a phenomenal dual-diagnostic center in Charlotte, NC. You work with a variety of clinicians, along with any willing family members who also participate in education and reflection, to break the cycle of unhealthy behaviors and replace that behavior with healthy thinking, appropriate emotional response, developing assertive communication, setting boundaries, and building an array of coping skills. You will learn the neuroscience behind substance abuse and mental illness as well, which adds an even deeper understanding of us as individuals. The also offer a Family Workshop once a month that invites clients, family members, staff and external professionals to gain perspective and empathy for the family unit managing substance abuse and mental illness. I have been working with Blanchard for the past few months and found their Family Workshop instrumental in my family’s recovery. Reach out to Blanchard for an assessment and see if you too can find support from their programs!


“The team at The Blanchard Institute no matter their position do not just treat you like a client/patient. They take the time to get to know you for you and what you truly need help with on a personal level. You instantly know how much they care about you and your success in your journey to recovery. Yeah your not going to like what they have to say sometimes but that’s part of recovery you will be challenged and they will call you on your BS because they care. The Blanchard Team is Family and have always had my back even when I picked up the bottle 3 times while in treatment never judging me just supporting and encouraging to get back on tract. When you walk through the office everyone greats you by name with a smile on their face. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending The Blanchard Institute to anyone I love this place and everyone associated with them. Thank you Blanchard.


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