The Intensive Outpatient Program at The Blanchard Institute focuses on transitioning individuals back into a happy, productive, and peaceful life.  As the individual progresses he or she will have an increased awareness of self and others as it relates to accountability.  The individual is supported on the healing modalities that work best.

You will be an active participant in creating a plan for your recovery and evaluate and implement new recovery behaviors to reach your treatment goals. As you progress through treatment you will be asked to set and review goals on a weekly basis. You will be asked to evaluate and/or implement new recovery behaviors to reach the treatment goals we establish together as you move through this process. Your goals will be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. During treatment we will discuss ways that you can develop new habits and behaviors to help you sustain a long term remission from chemical dependence. Other personal goals may include improving your physical mental health and redefining professional or educational goals. These will be discussed at orientation as well as throughout treatment.

With our guidance and support you will be encouraged to:

  • Demonstrate an ability to remain abstinent from drug/alcohol.
  • Explore the family system in recovery.
  • Develop and utilize a recovery/sober support network.
  • Develop and utilize a relapse prevention plan.

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If you or a loved on is seeking help, please call us at 704.414.7227 or fill out the information below for immediate contact back.