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It’s never too early (or late) to seek professional help if you or someone you love needs substance use treatment in North Carolina.

Our admissions process is discrete, confidential and non-invasive. It is our mission to provide support to every person that calls us, day or night.

It all begins with a phone call. It might be a difficult call to make, but our experienced admissions specialists will guide you through the process and treat you with the dignity and compassion you deserve.

You Are Not Alone

It’s never too early (or late) to seek help for yourself or for a loved one in need of treatment for substance use disorders. Our admission process is designed to provide a confidential, comprehensive assessment and recommendation for the appropriate treatment.

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Health Insurance Verification

We are in network with many insurance providers and work with many other insurance companies on an out of network basis. Depending on your plan, treatment costs may be fully covered or minimal based on your insurance. If insurance is not an option for you, you are able to self-pay for treatment. We will speak with your insurance company for you to verify your insurance plan benefits for treatment and care as a courtesy during the admissions process.

Please do not let financial concerns prevent you from getting the help your family needs. The Blanchard Institute is here to make the admissions process as simple as it can be.

Getting Started

1. Make the Call

Our admissions team will assist potential clients by gathering the information needed for treatment. Here’s what you’ll want to have on-hand to simplify this step of the process:

  • History of Substance Use—Types, Lengths & Frequency of Use
  • Previous Addiction Treatment
  • Life Areas Causing Distress—Financial, Personal, Professional, etc.
  • Current Work & Living Situations & Environments
  • Relevant Medical Information
  • Insurance Information

2. Take an Assessment

Our goal is to make clients feel welcome and cared for. We want to help them navigate the process and find the appropriate level of care for them. Clients are provided an assessment in person or virtual, by a licensed therapist, to determine the severity of their illness and what level of care will give them the best possible outcome.  We will obtain a consent for the identified support system (i.e. spouse, sibling, child, parent or friend) and communicate to them the family support groups available at no cost to them.

3. Take a Tour

Pre-Covid-19, we welcomed potential clients and their families to tour our facilities and experience our welcoming staff and the healing atmosphere. Currently, we are unable to provide live tours, however, you can view our facilities here. Our COVID-19 policy requires those entering our facilities to go through a screening process that includes temperature checks, reviewing the screening notice and wearing a mask at all times. This allows us to provide a safe environment for our staff to work and our clients to receive care. The Blanchard Institute appreciates your cooperation with the new restrictions that makes it possible for us to remain open and accessible to your loved one needing treatment. Our programs have been virtual since March and are slowly being phased back in person at this time. We look forward to opening our doors across North Carolina once again to everyone wanting to visit.

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