What Families Can Expect With Our Support Programs

Families learn these skills by participating in multi-family groups, interactive classes, and educational lectures. These sessions are offered virtually and from both our Charlotte and Lake Norman treatment facilities. Our Family Programs emphasize early recovery issues and give participants the opportunity to share their feelings and experiences with others in a safe and supportive environment.

Our staff works to help families identify and understand the reasons behind enabling and codependent behaviors. And while this process might be foreign to many families, we’ve developed a unique and evidence-based plan to help it make sense. In our programs, we avoid labels and use a language that everyone can understand. We explain exactly what you should expect before, during, and after treatment. Perhaps most importantly, we explain what each family member’s role will be in the recovery process.

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Discover The Premier Family Support Program At TBI

We understand that coping with a loved one’s addiction can be confusing, and you’re desperate to provide the help they need to recover. That’s why we’ve created a program to help families receive the support they need, while simultaneously giving them the information they need to support the individual in treatment. The recovery process takes more than simply promoting sobriety; it takes careful, professional treatment combined with family support.

At The Blanchard Institute, we’ve created a comprehensive program to help foster recovery that includes the following.

  • Answers & education for the family about the disease of addiction.
  • Weekly family contact with the client’s therapist.
  • The creation of a family relapse prevention plan to end enabling behaviors.
  • Support for family members who have been directly affected by their loved one’s addiction.
  • Development of an aftercare plan for the client and family.
  • Approved therapeutic visitations in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Aftercare support for families after treatment.
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Our Family Program is designed to teach families how to eliminate codependent behaviors, recreate healthy boundaries, and maintain open communication with family members.

Addiction is a family disease. As your loved one’s addiction to drugs or alcohol progressively worsens, you may experience fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, or even abuse yourself. Family members often think they are protecting and helping their loved one by restricting, controlling or hiding their substance use, but sometimes this type of support just enables the addictive behavior to continue. These behaviors are known as codependency.

If your spouse, child, sibling, or other loved one is struggling, there is no better place than The Blanchard Institute. Our family-focused care will help them to recover as we simultaneously provide you with the resources you need to heal. Call us today so we can work with you to get your loved one the help they need to say hello to life again.

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Addiction takes its toll on the person affected, but it can often take an equal toll on their family and loved ones. In order for everyone involved to move forward toward recovery, families should open themselves up to therapy alongside the client. Therapy can help your entire family system recover together as a unit. It mends relationships and eliminates feelings of resentment, anger, and blame between family members by encouraging open conversations and disease education. Our family support program provides a safe space for everyone to learn to understand each other, and to adjust and cope as a loved one works towards recovery. Within our support groups and workshops, family members have the opportunity to speak candidly with their loved one about the effect addiction has had on them, and the client gets to speak openly as well. At the end of the program, attendees will leave with an aftercare plan in place that will help the client and their family move successfully down their road to recovery.

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