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Medical services provided to addiction treatment clients.

Medical Services

Bridging the Gap Between Primary Care and Recovery

At The Blanchard Institute, we recognize that individuals facing Substance Use Disorders (SUD) and Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD) often navigate complex health challenges, sometimes exacerbated by a reluctance to seek regular medical care. Our Integrated Medical Services are designed to fill this critical gap, offering comprehensive primary care within the supportive environment of our recovery programs. This innovative approach ensures that as you embark on your journey to wellness, your physical health is cared for alongside your recovery.

Why Choose Integrated Medical Services?

Expertise in SUD and AUD Conditions: Our medical professionals specialize in understanding and treating the unique health concerns associated with substance use and recovery, providing care that general primary care physicians might not feel comfortable offering.

Confidential and Compassionate Care: We offer a safe space for medical treatment free from the stigma often associated with addiction, encouraging openness and honesty about health concerns.

Comprehensive Health Management: Beyond addressing immediate health issues, we focus on long-term wellness strategies, integrating physical health care with your ongoing recovery process.

The Benefits of Integrated Care

Our approach to medical services is rooted in the understanding that recovery involves the whole person, including their physical well-being. The benefits of receiving medical care at The Blanchard Institute include:

Holistic Health Assessments: Regular check-ups and health screenings tailored to the needs of individuals in recovery, considering both the direct and indirect impacts of substance use on physical health.

Seamless Coordination with Recovery Programs: As you progress through our levels of care, from Partial Hospitalization (PHP) to Outpatient Programs (OP), your health care plan evolves with you, ensuring consistency and comprehensive support.

Access to Specialized Treatments: For conditions directly related to or exacerbated by substance use, our team provides targeted treatments and referrals to specialists when necessary.

Overcoming Barriers to Care

Acknowledging that many individuals in active addiction may avoid medical care due to self-negligence or fear of exposure, our Integrated Medical Services aim to:

Reduce Fear and Stigma: Offering medical care within the recovery process reduces the anxiety associated with seeking treatment, fostering a proactive approach to health.

Encourage Regular Health Maintenance: By integrating primary care with recovery programs, we make health care an accessible and routine part of the recovery journey.

Address Health Issues Early: Early detection and management of health conditions can significantly impact long-term recovery and quality of life.

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