Outpatient Treatment Program

Navigating Life’s Transitions with Confidence

The Outpatient Program at The Blanchard Institute represents a critical phase in the recovery journey. Tailored for individuals transitioning back into their daily lives, our OP is designed to reinforce the sobriety, skills, and strategies cultivated in more intensive treatment settings. This level of care supports clients as they return to work, school, and family roles, ensuring they have the tools and community support to navigate these changes successfully.

Why Choose Our Outpatient Program?

Our OP stands out as an essential component of a comprehensive recovery strategy, offering:

Focused Transition Support: Specifically designed for individuals moving from inpatient treatment, PHP, or IOP, our program provides a structured yet flexible framework for reintegrating into routine life.

Tailored Treatment and Therapy: Combining individual therapy sessions with group processing, the OP allows clients to apply their learned tools in real-world scenarios while receiving peer and professional feedback.

Sustained Sobriety and Growth: Clients in our OP have shown to maintain longer periods of sobriety, underscoring the program’s effectiveness in reinforcing recovery foundations and advancing personal and family system healing.

Program Structure and Benefits

Engaging in our Outpatient Program means being part of a supportive environment that emphasizes:

Life Skill Development: Clients learn and refine skills critical for managing daily stressors, including stress management techniques, maintaining healthy relationships, and effective money management.

Community and Peer Support: Group sessions provide a platform for sharing experiences and receiving feedback, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support among peers.
Continued Personal Growth: The combination of one-on-one therapy and group processing ensures that clients continue to advance in their recovery journey, addressing challenges and celebrating milestones.

Expectations of Our OP

Participants in our Outpatient Program can expect:

Duration: Typically an eight-week program following Residential, PHP, or IOP treatment, tailored to meet individual progress and needs.

Commitment: A commitment to applying and adapting the recovery tools and strategies learned in previous treatment phases to everyday life situations.

Support: Access to a dedicated therapist and the collective wisdom of a recovery community, ensuring a supportive network is always within reach.

Outpatient Program FAQs

Who should consider Outpatient Programs?

OP is ideal for those who are transitioning back into their normal routines after a higher level of care, such as inpatient or residential, Partial Hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient treatment. OP provides the continued support and resources needed during what will inevitably be a difficult period in their recovery journey.

Does insurance cover Outpatient Programs?

Most insurance plans cover outpatient treatment under new and updated healthcare rules; however, each plan and provider differ in their coverage. You can find your plan’s coverage in the Verification of Benefits (VOB), or complete our Health Insurance Verification Form online.

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