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Individualized Dual Diagnosis Drug &
Alcohol Treatment Programs

The Blanchard Institute cultivates a safe, comfortable environment for patients and their families to be emotionally connected to their treatment provider.

As healthcare professionals, it is our obligation to assume a leading role in our clients’ recovery and combat the disease of addiction at its root. Our patients’ success stems from the highly individualized addiction and mental health treatment programs we offer with comprehensive family involvement.

We develop comprehensive recovery plans that address the disease of addiction and support the individual and their family system throughout recovery.

Our recovery management and alumni programs support a life-long recovery. Your journey to recovery doesn’t end with day treatment or outpatient, once you’re with Blanchard, you’re always with Blanchard.

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Seeking Help For Addiction And Mental Health

If you or someone you love is abusing drugs and alcohol or struggling with mental health issues, our compassionate, well-trained professionals are here to help guide you on your journey of recovery.


seeking help for myself

We can help if you’re suffering from the pain of addiction. Contact our admissions experts today to find a long-term solution.

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Contact the Blanchard Institute if you think a loved one may have an issue with drugs or alcohol and get help today.

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If you’re a referring professional, we encourage you to contact our admissions experts to create a treatment plan.

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A Place Of Recovery for Anyone Impacted by Substance Use Disorder & Mental Illness

The Blanchard Institute exists for anyone impacted by mental illness, substance use disorder, and unhealthy behavior patterns including family members and loved ones. Our individualized program makes us the premier treatment center in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas.

The Blanchard Institute Facility Charlotte, NC

Our dual diagnosis approach blends comprehensive mental health care and substance use disorder treatment methods by acknowledging complex dynamics while addressing the whole person and their family system.

If you’re struggling with drugs and alcohol, or someone you love is struggling, our team of trained professionals is eager to assist. We use a dual-diagnosis approach that blends mental health care and substance use disorder treatment.

We firmly believe this is the best and most effective approach. Our integrative healthcare system is designed to guide our patients to long term sobriety.

The Blanchard Institute’s Levels of Care

Nationally Recognized Family Programs

Family Program The Blanchard Institute

Our Family Programs are designed to help family members learn to replace codependent relationships with firm boundaries, good communication, and self empowerment. These programs include multi-family support groups, educational groups, and weekend workshops. Our family program has been called “transformative” by many attendees and serves as the cornerstone of our treatment center.

This program is open to family members, loved ones and anyone impacted by mental illness, substance use disorder and or unhealthy behavior patterns.

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Insurances We Accept

The Blanchard Institute is proud to be a preferred provider with BCBS of North Carolina. We are also an in-network provider with many other plans including United Healthcare, Optum, United Behavioral Health, Multiplan and TRICARE. We also work with many other insurance plans on an out of network basis. Insurance can help to greatly offset the cost of treatment. For more information about our providers contact us today.

Insurance Verification
Jason Miller
Jason Miller
01:51 31 Oct 19
I began attending the Blanchard Institute in January of this year. I had Previously spent two months in Florida where I completed a Detox and a PHP Program. Before I had even left Miami to return home it was very clear to me that It was essential that I continue my recovery back here in Charlotte. Before I knew it I found myself on the phone with a Lovely Lady by the name of Judy. She took care of everything, and the very next morning after touching down back in Charlotte I was welcomed with open arms into Blanchard. As with any recovery there are ups and there are downs; There are emotions and feelings I can not even begin to explain! Everyone here at Blanchard made me feel like family even when we had our moments and we were not seeing eye to eye. We ultimately worked it out and I could not be More Thankful to everyone involved in my recovery here at The Blanchard Institute! Ward, Ali, Judy thank you so much for what you do and thank you for caring about me! I have learned many things this past year. Perhaps the most important thing I have taken from my Journey is.. When You have the Willingness to make this change in your life You are doing it for Yourself, you are doing it for the people that love and care about you and you are doing it for the people you don’t even know that will be forever changed by hearing your story! God Blessread more
Anna Davis
Anna Davis
16:37 20 Oct 19
I felt betrayed by the therapist when fears and vulnerabilities I shared in a closed group were later brought up and used against me as a measure to keep me in treatment longer. I felt disrespected and unheard by the therapist and doctor. Staying in this facility stressed me out to the breaking point. I checked out early and have had an easier time staying clean and serene since. Also, the billing practices are falsely misleading. I agreed to a certain out-of-pocket amount initially and was billed thousands of dollars more months later, even after they received more than $20,000 from my insurance company. Don't waste your family's money and time. Stick with the tried and true method, the 84-year old program that more
Dana Davis
Dana Davis
19:12 10 Oct 19
I attended the Family System Workshop on October 5, 6 and 7. It was very educational providing current and relevant information on the disease of addiction. All of the speakers and facilitators are dedicated professionals. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has a loved one or family member dealing with more
Marielle Hinson
Marielle Hinson
13:30 08 Oct 19
This was the best workshop I have ever attended! I learned so much information and how to handle all of this going on. It is truly a life saver for families and loved ones! Thank you so much for offering this!read more
Mara Healy
Mara Healy
01:19 07 Oct 19
Outstanding professionalism and superb family guidance! This is a caring, committed resource that provides strength and guidance to families recovering from substance use disorders and mental illness issues. A TRUE dual-diagnosis facility!!!read more
22:00 06 Oct 19
I highly recommend the family system workshop. It was absolutely wonderful! The presentations were so informative and very well presented! It was also well organized and the staff is so helpful!read more
Cynthia Kase
Cynthia Kase
22:51 03 Oct 19
The professionals at TBI are first class, they truly care. Thank you Stacy, Kristin, Sam, Ralph, Emily, Judy, Alley, Jessica, Megan, Jennifer and everyone there! Being honest, open and willing allowed me to utilize Blanchard’s services, instructions, and family program to enhance my recovery program and begin the healing process I so needed. Addiction does not have a one stop cure, and TBI helps to explain that to the patient and the more
Anna Bullard
Anna Bullard
12:50 30 Sep 19
The coping skills, life skills, CBT/DBT, and brain lectures are great. Music and art therapy awesome. The family sessions are helpful. However, I felt betrayed by the therapist when fears and vulnerabilities I shared in a closed group were later brought up and used against me as a measure to keep me in treatment longer. I felt disrespected and unheard by the therapist and doctor. Staying in the program stressed me out to the breaking point of a slip. I checked out early and have had an easier time staying clean and serene since. The program offers yoga and acupuncture which is fantastic! Nurse Emily is the more
Julie Attalla
Julie Attalla
21:39 01 Aug 19
The Blanchard Institute does excellent work and their staff is phenomenal. They provide a quick, professional, and helpful response to all needs. I have worked personally with Ward Blanchard on a fellow client, and was beyond impressed by his knowledge and more
14:17 19 Jul 19
Having worked professionally with the Blanchard Institute for years, I can say that they are a first class organization focused on providing the best care possible for their clients. Ward and his team do an excellent job of setting their clients up for success in both recovery and life. I highly recommend them for any and all SUD more
Shane Lewis
Shane Lewis
15:38 17 Jul 19
I cant even begin to express all my gratitude for Ward and The Blanchard Institute. Ward was a saving grace to me in a true time of need. Ward is truly a man of his word, and the staff members are very well trained and experience. So very thankful for their expert guidance and direction. The work they do with not only the suffering loved one, but the family as well is truly amazing. The workshops they provide for families really goes into depth about the disease and give so much knowledge and education to everyone directly involved. You feel very apart of this process and they have so much hope to give. I cant express this more
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Change Agents: The Blanchard Alumni Program

Our Alumni Community calls themselves change agents because once someone goes through one of our programs, they spread the message of change and positivity into their communities. Spreading healing is paramount, that’s why our alumni are the bedrock of our program.

The Blanchard Institute’s Alumni Program is designed to provide a lasting and long term support system. Change agents have regularly scheduled events, a private facebook group and regular meetings. In addition to being a source for long-term support, change agents are also a fantastic way to meet sober support, learn to have fun in sobriety, and form long-term relationships.

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The Blanchard Institute is excellence- focused, clinically driven, safety- and trauma-informed, and family-orientated to clients who meet the clinical and medical criteria for services. At all times all clients will be treated ethically, fairly, and honestly without bias to race, gender, or diagnosis.

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