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Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Charlotte, NC

The Blanchard Institute is the premier provider of SUD treatment in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. We offer a unique, family-focused, and individualized program for substance use disorders. If you’re struggling with a substance abuse disorder, or someone you love is struggling, our team of trained professionals is eager to assist. We use a dual-diagnosis approach that blends mental health care and substance abuse treatment. We firmly believe this is the best and most effective approach. Our programs are comprehensive and are designed to guide a client to a substance-free life.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, contact us online today to schedule substance abuse treatment in Charlotte or the surrounding areas.

Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment) Program

Our Day Treatment (PHP) program runs Monday through Friday and gives clients clinically structured days that are designed to help pave the way for a better life. The Blanchard Institute Day Treatment Program (Partial Hospilization) is created to provide full clinical support for clients five days per week. Early recovery requires as much structure as possible. When individuals stop actively using drugs and alcohol, their day-to-day routine must also change. A highly structured environment is used to help the individual move away from using substances. Each client is guided through evidence-based treatment modalities by our therapists. Holistic options and specific recovery methods are used based on each individual’s needs. Structure and accountability provide the space to learn about recovery and the various methods used to stay away from addictive behavior and the time to transition to a sober, clean, and happy life. This program is designed to address early withdrawal issues, stabilization, support, and structure and focuses on a broad range of services including BioSound, Therapeutic Creative Art, and Recovery Yoga. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), LifeSkills training, and process groups are offered daily along with additional case management including the family.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Our intensive outpatient program focuses on transitioning individuals back into a happy, productive, and peaceful life. Individuals in this program will be active participants in creating their own recovery plan. Individuals will be asked to evaluate and implement new recovery behaviors in order to reach the goals that were set during treatment. This program concentrates on developing new habits that help sustain long-term remission from SUD. Individuals will work on improving their mental health and redefining their professional or educational goals.

Outpatient Recovery Management

In order to understand how to properly prevent a relapse, you have to understand its stages. Our recovery management program works with individuals stepping down from IOP or for those who do not meet the criteria for an IOP program but are looking for guidance on how to maintain their sobriety. In this program, individuals will learn how to use relapse prevention techniques for emotional, mental, and physical stressors.

Family Systems Support

Our Family Programs offer an in-depth process and education designed for family members to learn everything necessary to eliminate codependence, reinforce boundaries, and stay in healthy communication patterns with family members. Our programs provide education, empowerment, and support to clients, their family members, and/or significant others through participation in multi-family groups, educational lectures, and informative classes. Since substance use disorder is a family disease, our programs are specifically designed to address early recovery issues for the entire family. They are designed to provide participants an opportunity to express and share feelings and experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

Thursday Support Group

We offer a family member-only group on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:15 pm. This clinically led group allows participants to explore and discuss healthy behaviors that promote increased self-worth and trust within family systems. The group also highlights enabling behaviors of family members, the negative consequences, and the impact these behaviors may have on addicted persons. An introduction to community support groups such as Al-Anon and CODA is presented as resources for successful long-term family recovery. There is no cost for attending this group.

Saturday Family Group

We offer a family program on Saturdays. This is appropriate for clients and their family members and/or significant others who may benefit from knowing more about addiction. Attention is centered on understanding the chronic disease of addiction coupled with genetic, psychosocial, and environmental factors. Discussion includes defining aspects of the disease, the course of the disease, as well as the types of treatment and interventions used to arrest the behaviors that prolong progression. A path to recovery includes learning ways to identify healthy and unhealthy styles of communication and ways to break through these barriers to achieve effective communication. Emphasis is placed on the necessary steps to maintain sobriety and the importance of having a solid recovery support system for both the client as well as the family.

Our Alumni Program

The Blanchard Institute is proud to introduce our Alumni Program. Once treatment has ended, we want our clients to know that The Blanchard Institute is still here for them. The Alumni Program is a great way to meet other clients, have sober fun, and create memories in recovery. No matter what you are going through, your fellow alumni are here to help. Consisting of an active group of clients who support each other, our Alumni Program organizes activities and opportunities to give back to the community. Here at The Blanchard Institute, we believe that our Alumni Program will foster life-long connections, support, fellowship, and service. We value our alumni community and are so excited to help this program grow!

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Why Choose The Blanchard Institute for Substance Abuse Treatment in Charlotte?

No one should have to handle a substance abuse problem on their own. At The Blanchard Institute, we’ve made it our mission to be the helping hand you or your loved one need to recover from the grip of addiction. We’re also a Blue Cross Build Shield Preferred Provider and a Magellan Preferred Provider for your convenience.

Contact our team of highly trained professionals as soon as you can to receive the treatment you or your loved one need. There’s no better time to get on the path to recovery than today.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance abuse problem, contact our team of highly trained professionals online today.

Our Promise

The Blanchard Institute is excellence- focused, clinically driven, safety- and trauma-informed, and family-orientated to clients who meet the clinical and medical criteria for services. At all times all clients will be treated ethically, fairly, and honestly without bias to race, gender, or diagnosis.


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