Our Facilities

Everyone should feel comfortable as they are working to heal. We designed our Charlotte and Lake Norman treatment facilities with a warm and homey environment so that clients feel a sense of calmness and security when taking their first step toward recovery inside our walls. At The Blanchard Institute, we understand that that first step is often the most difficult one, this is why we aim to surround our clients and their families with furniture and decor that makes them feel at home. We strive to help all people in the Charlotte area and across Davidson, Cornelius, & Mooresville, NC feel safe healing with TBI.

The artwork and room decor throughout each room and hallway of our North Carolina treatment facilities has been thoughtfully curated by our dedicated team members to evoke feelings that will help ease any fear or anxiety on our clients’ journeys down the road to recovery. It is so important for the individuals and families who come to us for support to feel secure in expressing themselves freely and opening up to our team members.

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