Support Groups & Workshops

At The Blanchard Institute, we understand that recovery must be an ongoing and evolving process. This is one of the reasons we host regular events for individuals, families, and various professionals. Designed to provide continued support for our clients and keep everyone abreast of new treatment developments, the events are an integral part of the Blanchard healing experience.

Our Family & Friends support groups can be thought of as part of our ‘regular routine,’ but we also host a variety of more encompassing events as well such as our annual RAD (Recovery Awareness Day).

There’s always a new and exciting event on the Blanchard horizon. We’re deeply grateful for the people who attend our events and have seen the benefits of participation many times over. Last but not least, we’re also grateful for the contributors who bring these inspiring, world-class events together to promote education, community, and continued healing.

I highly recommend the family system workshop. It was absolutely wonderful! The presentations were so informative and very well presented! It was also well organized and the Blanchard staff was so helpful!


Resilience Group

Thursdays • 7-8:15PM • Zoom

A professionally facilitated support group helping families & loved ones cultivate the experience, tools & coping strategies necessary to establish a healthy understanding of recovery.

Family System Workshops

A quarterly weekend event for professionals, families, loved ones & anyone impacted by mental health conditions, substance misuse issues, or other unhealthy behavior patterns. Attendees will establish the techniques, tools & skills necessary to further cultivate an extraordinary healing process in their individual and family system recovery journey.

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