The Partial Hospitalization Program – or PHP – refers to an intense and highly structured method of treatment for those in very early recovery and is often referred to as day treatment. This program is meant to be short-term and is a stabilization level of care. It is designed to address early withdrawal issues, stabilization, support, and structure through a highly personalized experience and ample therapeutic time with our professionals.

Our PHP program provides a foundation of healing, holistically focused on the overall person rather than just mere behaviors and symptoms. All human beings have biological needs to feel safe, secure, and connected, which are interrupted and disrupted in those suffering from substance use disorders and mental illness.  Thus—structure, accountability, consistency, and connection are fundamental and essential building blocks to early addiction recovery and mental health stabilization.


PHP is meant for clients that are very early on in their recovery journey and trying to live a healthy life for the first time in sometimes, a long time. This program is best suited for people who are at a high risk for relapse and are in need of treatment for co-occurring conditions. Partial Hospitalization is available for Substance Abuse Treatment, Alcohol Abuse Treatment, and Dual Diagnosis Treatment. This could include anyone coming from detox, residential, or straight to us and those who are in need of high clinical support and structure through an immersive rehabilitation program. The client continues to live at home, but commutes to our treatment center every day Monday through Friday. Our goal with this program is to work to prevent in-patient hospitalization and help support healthy relationships within the family system.


This program requires clients to attend treatment for 6 hours per day, Monday – Friday 8:45am–4:00pm, for a short period of time based on their specific needs. This time period can be a couple of days or up to a month depending on the client’s progress or level of acuity and additional care needed. Both Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and mental illness are diseases of the brain that require consistent routine, structure, healthy accountability, and connection in order for brain healing and neuroplasticity (retraining and healing of the brain’s neural pathways). The initial PHP Program sessions are designed to help clients stabilize both physically and emotionally, and to cope with withdrawal symptoms for those who are detoxing. As they progress, our experienced therapists will guide clients through a variety of group and individual therapies, such as:

  • BioSound Therapy
  • Therapeutic Creative Art
  • Recovery Yoga
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Life Skills Training
  • Nutrition
  • Daily Process Groups
  • Case Management (with or without family)

In addition to our Partial Hospitalization Program, we also offer a Family Support Program as well as Addiction Support Groups & Workshops for the entire family unit during and after treatment.


The PHP level will help clients embark on a journey to wellness, happiness and a fulfilled life after dealing with a severe drug or alcohol disorder. Our PHP provides an individualized program that is designed for clients in the initial fragile stages of the recovery process, often times helping them take the first step in recovery. The program provides a highly structured environment as well as individualized attention and greater access to all members of our client care team.

  • A highly structured environment: The Partial Hospitalization Program is the opposite of the chaotic environment that most people experience when influenced by untreated addiction and/or mental health diseases. In order for an addicted person to stop using alcohol or drugs, or for an unstable person to stabilize their mental health, their daily routine is one of the first things that must change.
  • More time with our professionals: The PHP Program gives clients more time with our professionals. This allows our staff to better assess and understand what’s going on with the client and gain verbal and non-verbal knowledge of how the client is doing.
  • Greater access to our community: As an immersive experience, the Partial Hospitalization Program allows the client to more closely connect with our TBI environment, staff, and client community.


The Blanchard Institute accepts insurance from Aetna, Cigna, MedCost, Optum, United Behavioral Healthcare, BCBS of North Carolina, Magellan Health, TriCare & United Healthcare and many other insurance plans. Verify your insurance online, or contact us for more information about our providers.

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The Blanchard Institute’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) teaches clients healthy tools & behavioral patterns to live a substance-free and productive life.

Intensive Outpatient Program


The Blanchard Institute’s Outpatient Program is designed to ease the transition into everyday life and help clients handle the inevitable challenges that will arise.

Outpatient Treatment Program

After completing our structured Outpatient Program, our Recovery Management Program provides the support, resources & community for a life of lasting recovery.

Recovery Management Program

If you or a loved one is suffering from substance use or mental health disorders, contact us to discuss your treatment options.