Overcoming an addiction can be an immense challenge, but with realistic goals, support, and the help of caring professionals, it can be accomplished with the right amount of determination. Whether you struggle with alcohol dependence, opioid addiction, amphetamine addiction, or other drug addictions behavioral addictions such as sex addiction, gambling, and others, our team at The Blanchard Institute can help.

We feature a wide range of outpatient substance abuse, behavioral & mental health treatment programs to help you through every step of the recovery process. From drug and alcohol detox, to partial hospitalization & intensive outpatient, and outpatient & recovery management services, our programs are individualized and comprehensive to each client.

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Addiction is a disease, and it affects some more than others. The line between casual use and dependency can be quite thin for those who are predisposed to addiction, especially when factors like trauma, pain, and emotional stimuli are factored in. If you think you may have a substance abuse problem, here are a few signs that you should consider enrolling in an addiction treatment program:

  • An inability to moderate or control alcohol use
  • Frequent cravings or withdrawal symptoms between uses
  • Family members or friends have expressed concern about your drug or alcohol use
  • Dishonesty with friends or family about your usage habits
  • Loss of employment or problems in school due to drug usage
  • Financial or legal problems due to substance abuse
  • Driving, gambling, or engaging in other risky behaviors while under the influence
  • Going to extremes to acquire more drugs or alcohol
  • Requiring greater amounts of the substance to feel satisfied
  • Feeling like you have lost control of your drug usage

If you are experiencing any of these signs personally or through a loved one, reach out to us today for family support and addiction treatment in North Carolina.

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Our addiction treatment programs are tailored to your needs, and we work both one-on-one and in group settings to help you identify and work through the challenges that you will face during the recovery process. We offer several levels of treatment through both our Charlotte and Lake Norman outpatient programs, including:

Each individual that walks through our doors requires a different level of care based upon their own unique needs, level of addiction, and the status of any co-occurring mental health disorders. Contact us today to discuss which program will suit your or a loved one’s needs the best.


Addiction treatment – otherwise known as drug rehab – is a necessary component of recovery from substance use disorder. After a certain point, a person who is physically or psychologically dependent on a substance loses control over the amount that they ingest.

An individual may find it impossible to live life without their substance of choice after addiction has set in: they see no way out of the hole they have fallen into, as the only normal life seems to be the one lived for substances. 

Admitting that there is a problem – and that the only real solution is abstinence – is the first step towards recovery from substance use disorder. People will often commit tragic and completely uncharacteristic actions to fuel their addiction, despite the fact that they know it is wrong.

This disorder affects the lives of everyone around them; however, a person afflicted with substance use disorder will often find it difficult – or impossible – to stop ingesting drugs on his/her own accord, regardless of the negative consequences.

Our treatment programs disrupt the addictive process by removing an individual from the danger, chaos, and comfort of their substance use disorder. 

This is why detox and ongoing rehabilitation is so vital for the recovery process. Eliminating the destructive behaviors and thought patterns that led a person to use drugs in the first place is just one piece of the puzzle. There needs to be a program set in place that addresses the psychological, spiritual, and behavioral issues that cause addiction.

The Blanchard Institute‘s Charlotte treatment facility and Lake Norman treatment facility provide a safe atmosphere for monumental change and growth by delving into deeply-rooted issues such as trauma, anxiety, and depression that may have led a person to use drugs in the first place. The substances were the old solution. The Blanchard Institute helps our clients find new ones. 


Essentially, substance abuse treatment breaks the addictive cycle by placing an individual in a therapeutic, alcohol and drug-free environment. Our clinically-licensed, master’s level staff provides a safe and productive place to help explore the underlying causes of addiction.

We help our clients detox from addictive substances and form new practices and habits through the use of holistic, evidence-based treatment. By challenging the behavioral patterns and thought patterns of addiction, we wipe the mental slate clean to make room for healthier, more productive ways of living life. The benefits of drug rehab are numerous:

  • Detox and recover in a safe, productive environment
  • Break the addictive cycle
  • Benefit from different types of treatments and therapies
  • Set new goals that will pave the road towards success
  • Learn healthier habits
  • Discover new coping skills
  • Reconnect with old friends and make new ones
  • Re-establish healthy boundaries with your family
  • Rehabilitate mental and physical damage caused by drug addiction
  • Develop new hobbies and foster the growth of old ones
  • Find a meaning and purpose in life
  • Work through any co-occurring mental disorders
  • And numerous others

It’s the first day of the rest of your life. The Blanchard Institute is a world-class, uniquely individualized drug rehab in North Carolina that offers individual and family-level support in a highly-motivated and structured environment. Substance use disorder can be a thing of the past provided that you take the necessary steps. Remember: once you’re with Blanchard, you’re always with Blanchard.


Are you ready to take back control of your life? Choose The Blanchard Institute today for addiction treatment across North Carolina. Our caring, experienced professionals can help you through every step of the recovery process.

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