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Bettie’s House

Women’s Recovery Residence

Bettie’s House is a gender-specific Recovery Residence Community serving women who are struggling with substance use and mental health disorders in the Charlotte area.

Our mission is to provide a safe, secure, and connected atmosphere for women to heal and recover. Through empathy and compassion, we are devoted to creating change in the lives of the residents of Bettie’s House so they may become who they were always meant to be.


Historically, women are more likely to face barriers in seeking the appropriate help regarding substance use and mental health disorders. Women also have significantly less gender-specific options for support, especially when looking for affordable and appropriate recovery residences for women in the Charlotte area. Bettie’s House provides an option for women who need a safe, affordable place for women to recover and grow.

The structure consists of each resident honoring their commitment to their PHP/IOP schedule, community support meetings, obtaining employment when appropriate, community volunteer opportunities, Bettie’s House activities, and required house meetings. To ensure accountability within the community, we do provide drug and alcohol testing every 72 hours at minimum. In addition, we do require curfew, household chore expectations, wake-up time, and medication compliance to be adhered to.

Who is Bettie?

Bettie is the mother of The Blanchard Institute’s Founder & CEO, Ward Blanchard, and an integral part in supporting his journey to recovery.

In discussions on what to name our women’s recovery residence in Charlotte, we learned that most individuals have a “Bettie” in their lives who has provided the necessary love, support, and accountability throughout the recovery process.

Whether their given names are actually Bettie or not, we saw a consistent theme of strong, supportive, resilient women behind people finding recovery and it is our goal to be just that for every woman that walks through the doors of Bettie’s House.

Certified at the Highest Level

We are proud to be certified by esteemed organizations that uphold the highest standards in addiction recovery services. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our accreditation and adherence to best practices set by these leading institutions.

North Carolina Association of Recovery Residences (NCARR)

NCARR ensures that all member recovery residences in North Carolina meet the highest standards of quality and ethical practices. By following NCARR guidelines, The Blanchard Institute offers safe, supportive, and structured environments that promote long-term recovery for individuals transitioning from treatment to independent living.

National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR)

NARR is dedicated to improving access to quality recovery residences through standards, support, education, and advocacy. The Blanchard Institute aligns with NARR’s mission by maintaining recovery residences that provide a stable, supportive community essential for sustaining long-term sobriety and overall well-being.

Common Questions

Will I be drug tested?

Residents are required to participate in regular drug and alcohol testing for at least a week. We obtain immediate results from urine drug screens and blood alcohol content testing roughly every 72 hours and randomly as needed.

Are residents required to attend 12-step meetings?

Residents are required to attend daily community support meetings for their first 90 days, and a minimum of four meetings per week throughout the duration of their stay. We encourage all pathways of recovery and residents are not limited to 12-step programs only.

How long will I be there?

Our average length of stay is 3-6 months.

Can I leave at any time?

Yes. We require a 24-hour notice at minimum, but we ask for a 30-day notice so we can help you in creating a transition plan that is supportive to your recovery.

Will I have a roommate?

In most cases, you will have one roommate.

What rules do I have to follow?

All residents are expected to adhere to the household guidelines and expectations. These guidelines include abstinence from all mood and mind-altering chemicals, participation in treatment programs, medication compliance, active participation in a community support program of your choosing, curfew, visitor policy, etc. Each resident will sign a full list of the household guidelines upon their admission.

Are there employment opportunities near the recovery residence?

Yes. Each recovery residence is located in highly populated areas with employment opportunities close by. Some are within walking distance.

Is there a bus route nearby?

Yes. All of our recovery residences are within walking distance of a local bus route. Rideshare services can also be utilized by residents.

Can I have an overnight pass?

Yes. After the first 30 days, residents are eligible to submit an overnight request.

Can I have visitors?

Visitors are welcome and we do require residents to submit a visitor request form 24-hours in advance.

Am I allowed to have electronics?

Yes. Phones, laptops, and tablets are allowed.

Can I bring my car?

Yes. After the first 30 days, or if pre-approved prior to admission, residents are permitted to have their vehicle.

Is transportation provided?

Yes. Transportation is provided to treatment, one community support meeting per day, the grocery store, and to therapy/medical appointments.

Can I bring my pet?

We do not accept pets.

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