Substance Abuse Workshops

The Blanchard Institute hosts various substance use disorder workshops throughout North Carolina. These workshops also cover topics that are related to co-occurring mental health conditions and serve to increase awareness of them at both the individual and community level.

Putting Our Commitment Into Practice

Substance use disorders cause difficulties for everyone whose lives they touch. This includes the dependent person, their family members, and the community at large. It takes a strong support system and a committed network of people to facilitate recovery and improve the lives of those who are affected. 

At The Blanchard Institute, we are committed to providing ongoing support and education to families struggling with substance use disorder issues. This commitment extends to churches, schools, and any other organization that assist with recovery efforts. This is why we offer workshops and events that address the needs of those who wish to learn more about the unique challenges of the recovery process.

The Blanchard institute employs 

The Blanchard Institute employs a family-focused approach for treating addiction and mental illness. We serve clients throughout the state of North Carolina. Here are the levels of care that we offer:

  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Recovery Management 

We also provide family systems support with services that are tailored to fit the client’s specific needs. 

For more information about our recovery programs, please contact us online today. 

Workshops and Events in the Charlotte Area

At The Blanchard Institute, we offer a variety of workshops and other programs to help those struggling with addiction and mental health  issues. We provide them with education that can aid in the recovery process. Here are some of our most popular workshops:

The Family Addiction Workshop

Held five times a year at The Blanchard Institute, the Family Addiction Workshop is focused on providing family members and loved ones with the skills they need to begin the healing process and to understand the effects of addiction and mental illnesses on the family unit. Topics covered include:

  • The disease of addiction
  • Boundaries
  • Codependency
  • Family systems
  • Experiential therapy exercises
  • Process groups
  • And more…

The program includes group work, lectures, and presentations. Attendance is by RSVP.

Recovery Awareness Day

Held annually at the The Ballantyne resort and hotel in Charlotte, NC, Recovery Awareness Day is an event designed for therapists, clinicians, and other mental health and SUD professionals. It features top industry professionals from all over the country. Over the course of the event, these experts speak on a variety of addiction recovery topics, along with discussion panels and networking events.

With many great sponsors and available continuing education credits, Recovery Awareness Day is a great way to learn about recent topics in addiction treatment and mental health, as well as establish valuable industry connections.

Continuing Education Lunch & Learn Workshops

Held several times a year at The Blanchard Institute, the CE Lunch & Learn workshops are designed for industry professionals who are eager to learn more about developments in the field. Each workshop focuses on a specific topic that is requested by industry professionals, and continuing education credits are available at each event. Recent topics have included:

  • Treating couples using emotionally focused therapy
  • Addiction and chronic pain
  • Mental Health
  • Family Systems

Each event is free to attend and lunch is provided.

Other Events

Our founder, Ward Blanchard, often provides pro-bono speeches in the local community to help reduce the stigma of addiction, educate the public on addiction recovery, and help those who are seeking to start the recovery process. He has worked with many organizations in this capacity, including:

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Independent physicians
  • Monroe and Mecklenburg BAR associations
  • Conferences
  • Local media outlets
  • Hospitals

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