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The Blanchard Institute and Youturn Health Partner to Offer Family Support

Coppell, TX – The Blanchard Institute and Youturn Health announced a partnership to provide education, peer coaching, and family support to potential residents to take meaningful steps toward receiving care for substance use and mental health conditions. Youturn Health will also provide family care to those with a loved one in treatment.

The Blanchard Institute is an award-winning detox and rehabilitation center located in North Carolina that provides clinical support for individuals and families struggling with substance use and behavioral health. Their clinically led care programs are tailored to meet the individual’s need, which ensures the best chance at successful recovery.

Youturn Health’s virtual support program bridges the gap between inaction and seeking treatment by making support and education accessible to individuals and family members struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or suicidal ideation. As a part of the partnership, Youturn Health will provide their Pre-Care Program to individuals and families who call The Blanchard Institute’s admissions team but aren’t quite ready to take the next step to start treatment.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer this service to potential residents and family members of those in treatment with Blanchard,” said Ward Blanchard, CEO and founder of The Blanchard Institute. “Not everyone who calls us is ready to go to treatment right away. Sometimes they have questions, and it’s our duty to provide them with answers. This program not only does that, but it also provides support to the individual and their family to improve their chances for successful recovery.”

Youturn Health’s program includes support from credentialed and trained peer coaches; access to over 400 online educational videos about mental health, substance use, treatment, and recovery; and support and education for the family members of potential residents.

“This partnership is so exciting, this is critical support that shows how forward-thinking The Blanchard Institute is,” said Rich Jones, Chief Clinical Officer of Youturn Health. “If people stay engaged in their recovery, and if their families are involved in recovery, people have a real chance at success. And our program keeps individuals and families engaged.”

Youturn Health’s Pre-Care program will be available to potential residents of The Blanchard Institute at no cost for one month and family members of those in treatment for two months at no cost. The partnership started in April 2023.

About The Blanchard Institute

The Blanchard Institute is an award-winning substance abuse and mental health treatment center with locations in Charlotte and Lake Norman, North Carolina. They provide clinically-led outpatient detox and rehabilitation as well as family support to help patients and their families on their journey to recovery, happiness, and a fulfilled life. Learn more at theblanchardinstitute.com.

About Youturn Health

Youturn Health is a virtual support program designed to help individuals and their family members struggling with stress, substance misuse, addiction, suicidal ideation, and grief utilizing evidence-based strategies. The core components of the comprehensive program include an on-demand online learning library, NAADAC-credentialed peer coaching, and support for family members. Learn more at YouturnHealth.com.

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