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The Blanchard Institute: More Than a Treatment Center

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) “addiction is a treatable, chronic, medical disease involving complex interactions among brain circuits, genetics, the environment, and an individual’s life experiences.” 

In his 2022 book The Myth of Normal, addiction expert Gabor Maté offers a definition that isn’t all that different from ASAM’s although he avoids the term disease: “Addiction is a complex psychological, emotional, physiological, neurobiological, social, and spiritual process. It manifests through any behavior in which a person finds temporary relief or pleasure, and therefore craves, but that in the long term causes them or others negative consequences, and yet the person refuses or is unable to give it up.”

These two attempts to define addiction or substance use disorder (SUD)—since 2013 the preferred term in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders—show that addiction is a complex, intricate condition that cannot easily be pinned down with a few sentences. 

Because of this complexity, founder and CEO Ward Blanchard wanted The Blanchard Institute to be more than just another treatment clinic. “Right from the start, we wanted it to be a community resource, a teaching site, and general wellness center as well,” he says. “We’re heavily family-oriented, so I named the institute after my family because they are the reason I’m still alive—it’s not named after me. Right from the start, we knew our three main customers were going to be identified patients, their families, and professionals. That’s how we came up with the institute concept.”

The institute approach allows Blanchard to keep up with the latest treatment modalities and offer modern, evidence-based levels of care. “Our curriculum is not outdated like in many other places,” says Blanchard. “Many family programs are 20 years behind. We don’t work with  individual behavioral contracts; we utilize what we call a ‘family success plan’ instead.”

At The Blanchard Institute, we understand that the journey of recovery from addiction transcends the mere cessation of substance use—it is a deeply personal transformation that varies significantly between individuals. “Everybody who interacts with The Blanchard Institute—patients, their families, and professionals—should have two experiences: empathy and a perspective shift. Our goal is to achieve change in our patients and their families.”

Central to our philosophy is a family-oriented, gender-responsive approach to addiction treatment, recognizing the unique experiences, challenges, and strengths of men and women as they navigate their paths to recovery. We know that addiction affects not just individuals but their entire family network. Our family-centered approach is rooted in the belief that sustainable recovery is most effectively achieved when families are actively involved. 

The Blanchard Institute cultivates a safe, comfortable environment for clients and their families across North Carolina. Our recovery management and alumni program support a life-long recovery. Your journey to recovery doesn’t end with day or outpatient treatment, once you’re with Blanchard, we’re always there for you.

Our admissions process is discrete, confidential, and non-invasive. Our mission is to provide support for every person who reaches out to us. It all begins with a phone call. Call us at (704)  288-1097—our experienced admissions specialists will guide you through the process and treat you with the dignity and compassion you deserve.

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