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Recovery Awareness Day: A Proud Blanchard Tradition

Achieving recovery from addiction is worth celebrating! People suffering from a substance use disorder (SUD) often still face stigmatization, even when in recovery. Although the opioid epidemic has led to more understanding, promoting awareness of the disease of addiction and how it can be overcome is still important.

Recovery Awareness Day at The Blanchard Institute is an annual cornerstone event that highlights the importance of understanding, treating, and celebrating recovery from addiction. This special day is dedicated to shedding light on the challenges and successes associated with recovery, and to enhancing community knowledge and support for those affected by SUDs.

“Recovery Awareness Day is packed with activities, workshops, and presentations that are designed to engage, educate, and inspire,” says founder and CEO Ward Blanchard, MA, MBA, CCS, LCAS. He wanted the institute to be more than just another treatment clinic. “Right from the start, we wanted it to be a community resource, a teaching site, and a general wellness center as well,” he says.

The event on July 19 at The Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC, will feature educational seminars led by experts in the field, covering topics from the latest developments in addiction science to effective recovery strategies.

People in recovery and their families will share their journeys, offering insights and hope to others. Local businesses, healthcare providers, and educational institutions will come together to support and participate in the event, fostering a stronger support network. All activities are aimed at increasing public awareness about the realities of addiction and the effectiveness of treatment.

“Recovery Awareness Day has grown significantly each year, drawing larger crowds and extending its reach throughout the community. It’s a day when we can collectively reflect on the progress we’ve made and push forward with new initiatives to assist those in need,” says Blanchard.


Whether you are a person in recovery, a family member, a healthcare professional, or a community member interested in supporting an important cause, your participation is greatly appreciated. “Each individual’s presence and involvement help to weave a stronger fabric of understanding and support across our community,” says Blanchard.

Recovery Awareness Day not only serves those directly affected by SUDs but also educates the broader public, helping to dismantle the misconceptions and biases that often surround addiction and recovery.

The Blanchard Institute cultivates a safe, comfortable environment for clients and their families across North Carolina. Our recovery management and alumni programs support a life-long recovery. Your journey to recovery doesn’t end with day or outpatient treatment, once you’re with Blanchard, we’re always there for you.

Our admissions process is discrete, confidential, and non-invasive. Our mission is to provide support for every person who reaches out to us. It all begins with a phone call. Call us at (704)  288-1097—our experienced admissions specialists will guide you through the process and treat you with the dignity and compassion you deserve.

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