Feel the Vibe. Recovery Awareness Day 2024
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Gibbs therapy dog



Gibbs was born in raised in Southern California, moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2014 to continue to cultivate her passion of delivering cuteness, comfort, and adorability to anyone and everyone she encounters. Gibbs was drawn into the field of substance abuse and behavioral health after her own personal recovery from a process addiction with chewing shoes and furniture.

She understands how such an addiction truly is a family disease—impacting the whole family. Gibbs is intelligent, focused, enjoys attention and being pet behind the ears. Gibbs received formal education through The Dog Knowledge Obedience School of Charlotte, NC. She graduated with spectacular mediocracy in obedience but excelled in the subjects of advanced charm, good looks, and tennis-ball catching. She loves riding horses, eating a good hot dog, listening to Dave Matthews Band, watching documentary films, and sharing global warming articles on her Facebook.

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