Feel the Vibe. Recovery Awareness Day 2024
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Harold “Hal” Blackwell


Hal was born and raised in Union, South Carolina and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. He authored the bestselling book, “Secrets of Skim,” has appeared on national media outlets, and lobbied Congress as a recognized wealth management industry expert.

Since his retirement, Hal has advocated for the individual rights of those in underserved communities suffering from substance abuse disorders. Also, as a committed Christian, he is passionate about educating other believers who perceive treatment protocols for substance abuse as unbiblical.

Hal carries a 5 handicap and plays far too much golf. His other hobbies include reading and writing but not arithmetic. In his spare time, he studies philosophy, paints poorly and attempts to sculpt with clay and wooden mediums. Despite his educational pedigree, mysteriously Hal is an ardent, unapologetic Clemson Tiger fan.

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