Feel the Vibe. Recovery Awareness Day 2024
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William Dowdle

William "Will" Dowdle



Born and raised in Montgomery, AL, Will struggled to find the right path. After years in the field of substance abuse, he shifted gears in 2010, delving into the recovery side. While studying social work at Auburn University, he co-founded Auburn’s Collegiate Recovery Community, setting the stage for his role in treating substance use and mental health disorders at The Reprieve in 2013. He moved to Charlotte in 2016 to become Program Director at Safety Net Recovery before joining the Blanchard clinical team April of 2023.

Will has found hope, direction and purpose through his own recovery journey and the lives of those he has been fortunate enough to help along the way. His belief in a well-rounded life is evident in his pursuits from rock climbing and mountain biking to winning two Hurling National Championships.

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