Heather Jennissen, RN, BSN
Director of Clinical Outreach
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New Leader in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Officially Opens
Charlotte, North Carolina – February 9, 2017 – The Blanchard Institute has officially opened as a leading
provider of outpatient mental health, addiction treatment and family services in Charlotte, NC.
The Blanchard Institute offers an integrated approach to treating mental health and addiction. The
progressive programs, cultivated through an evidence-based model, provide treatment, education and
resources to individuals and their families that are necessary to reestablish a solid foundation to live
fulfilling, healthy lives.

“Addiction and mental illness look different today,” says Ward Blanchard, founder and CEO. “They have
new, familiar faces, and The Blanchard Institute was founded because we believe that treatment should
look different, too. Our focus is rooted in the understanding that an accepting and safe atmosphere is
the first step on the road to healing.”

The Blanchard Institute specializes in Substance & Chemical Dependency, Co-Occurring Mental Health
Disorders, Recovery Management, Family Systems and DWI Services. The programs include Partial
Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient Detox, Individual Adolescent, and Family Services.
For more information, please call The Blanchard Institute at 704.288.1097 or visit Same day assessments are available.

The Blanchard Institute strives to be the world leader in treating mental health and substance use
disorders. Through the prism of evidence-based mental health and addiction treatment programs and
support, The Blanchard Institute empowers clients and their families to cultivate the knowledge,
attitudes and skills to transform their lives and achieve a life of long-term happiness and recovery

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